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The Document Foundation has announcement during the LiboConf 2011 in Paris

During the LibreOffice Conference, The Document Foundation has announced: * LibreOffice Online Prototype: you can watch a demo video at the following address: michael/data/2011-10-10-lool- demo.webm . LibreOffice Online is based on GTK+ framework and HTML5's canvas, and has been developed by SUSE's Michael Meeks, built on Gtk+ broadway from RedHat's Alex Laarson. * LibreOffice port project to Android and iOS, based on the voluntary work of Tor Lillqvist, a SUSE finnish developer know for having ported GIMP to Windows. The LibreOffice Android and iOS port has the objective of bringing the office suite to iPads and Android tablets, and eventually smaller devices. The user interface work has yet to start in earnest but the bulk of the code is compiling. Please note that these are not products available to end users, but advanced development projects which will become products sometimes in late 2012 or early 2013. * 500.000 desktops