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Akura helps students that are affected by the floods

A large number of students in Sri Lanka became victims of the recent floods and land slides as a result of non-stop rain in May. Some of the students lost not only their study notes, but also their uniforms and shoes. Our initial attempt was to support them with the study notes, but it seemed that most of the individuals and organizations spend their invaluable time, labor and money to supply the students in need with study notes. So we at Akura decided to shift our focus to supply the students with school uniforms among other necessities. Although the government pledged to give uniform textiles, these students were still required to buy other necessaries such as shoes, socks and undergarments. Our first attempt:   After the floods subsided, students of Biyagama Central College returned to school in casual clothes. Akura arranged transport for all the students in casual clothing (a total of 63) to visit to Thilakawardhana Textile in Kiribathgoda Kiribathgoda acc