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You are welcome to support Sagalapura College, Binganthalawa

As I mentioned earlier , we are trying to provide a computer lab with 5 computers and other necessary equipments to Sagalapura College , Bingathalawa, Kandapola which is a rural college in Walapane education zone in Nuwara Eliya district, Our target is to provide them with 5 new assembled computers. Mr. Athula Herath who is attached to the Education Office, Central province says that a computer with the following specification can be bought to a price of Rs. 52,000 from an institute in Kandy. Core i3 Processor 2GB RAM 500GB HDD LED Display Keyboard/Mouse (without UPS) Since this is a rural college, we thought of transportation as well. If there is anyone who can help us buy computers with quality components for a lower price, please contact Mr. Athula Herath. The estimated least total cost for 5 computers is Rs. 260,000 and a total of Rs. 40,000 from four people (Rs. 10,000 from each) is confirmed to be donated. If it is possible for you t