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Join us for the Translation Marathon 2014

As some of you know Sri Lanka's first translation marathon was held 27th of April  2010 with the participation of more than 70 people around the country. University students, school students and teachers, government officers and several individuals contributed that 27 hours of marathon . 2nd Translation Marathon in 2014! We will be running our second Marathon in 2014 in order to support following Open Source projects. Fedora Mozilla LibreOffice Debian Gnome KDE  Sugar Desktop Sahana Eden XFCE Wordpress Ubuntu  Yes, we will be supporting both Sinhala and Tamil languages This will be running parrel to Software Freedom Day 2014 and 5th Anniversary of Hanthana Linux Project . We don't mind how old you are or your technical knowledge but we highly  appreciate your valuable contribution. This is a rare chance to contribute to Global Community Projects with a minimal technical knowledge. Feel free to contact either myself or drop a mail to info[{at}]ha