Monday, April 22, 2013

You are welcome to support Sagalapura College, Binganthalawa

As I mentioned earlier, we are trying to provide a computer lab with 5 computers and other necessary equipments to Sagalapura College, Bingathalawa, Kandapola which is a rural college in Walapane education zone in Nuwara Eliya district,

Our target is to provide them with 5 new assembled computers. Mr. Athula Herath who is attached to the Education Office, Central province says that a computer with the following specification can be bought to a price of Rs. 52,000 from an institute in Kandy.
  • Core i3 Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 500GB HDD
  • LED Display
  • Keyboard/Mouse
  • (without UPS)
Since this is a rural college, we thought of transportation as well. If there is anyone who can help us buy computers with quality components for a lower price, please contact Mr. Athula Herath.

The estimated least total cost for 5 computers is Rs. 260,000 and a total of Rs. 40,000 from four people (Rs. 10,000 from each) is confirmed to be donated.

If it is possible for you to contribute, please deposit your money to the joint account mentioned below and make sure to send a copy of the deposit slip to Mr. Bandula Ranathunga or Mr. Kalpa Welivitigoda.

Once you donate your money, please send your name, the amount deposited, contact number and your email address or postal address alone with the copy of the deposit slip.

ACC NO: 8480050534

Contact Mr. Bandula Ranathunga for financial donations:
Mobile number: +94 714315426
Email address: bandula.ranathunga {[AT] } gmail {[DOT]} com
Kalpa Welivitigoda:   callkalpa {[AT] } gmail {[DOT]} com  

Contact Mr. Athula Herath for technical information on computer components:
Mobile number:  +94 718217443

For your information, Kalpa Welivitigoda is a final year undergraduate in Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Mr. Bandula Ranathunga is a project manager in Information Technology section in Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils while Mr. Athula Herath is a teacher who is actively contributing to hardware related matters at Information Technology Department in Ministry of Education.

When I visited Sagalapura College, I saw that grade 1 and 2 classes are conducted together as a single class, this was the same with grade 5 and 6 as well. Computer technology is not a dream for a school with a deficiency of teachers, we, not only provide computer facilities but also hope to conduct a series of events for teachers with the aim of providing them with basic knowledge on the subject. In this process, brothers and sisters who are undergraduates and willing to contribute are welcome to participate to make this effort a success.

You may not be able to contribute financially, still, spreading the word to an able friend or an institute is also considered to be a contribution that can be very easily done. We are happy to announce that we are willing to help schools as this in future as well.

Please note that the operating system used in these computers is Hanthana Linux.

Following video is from a school to which we have donated a computer earlier. The 15 minutes clip presents views of teachers, parents and principal of the school and activities of students as well.