Thursday, May 14, 2009

[Sri Lanka] Firefox reached 48.31% of browser usage

last April 26th Firefox touched 48.31% of browser usage in Sri Lanka while IE showing 42.39%

Source: statcounter

Source: statcounter

One thing I can point out here is that we don't get these kind of graphs for other countries; such as, USA, Japan, Germany, China, India, etc

They all use same set of features in IE and same set of features in Firefox. Only difference is each country has their own language specific release of IE and Firefox.

What could be the reason?

01) Fast FOSS education by volunteer groups..
02) Sri Lankan LAW against pirated software / piracy
03) Firefox is the only browser released in Sinhala language.



  1. I think it's because 01)Fast FOSS education by volunteer groups..


  2. I would like to think this is because the users in our country is aware that Firefox is Stable, Faster and more Secure than IE. Also by word of mouth!!!