Tuesday, March 30, 2010

OpenOffice 3.2 QA Workshop 2010 - Sri Lanka

It was a great pleasure to have the first QA event of the OpenOffice.org Sri Lankan Community and the first gathering of the community.

Event was held at
The ICTA Auditorium from 8.30AM to 4.00 PM (+5.30GMT) on 25th March 2010.


  1. Kalpa Pathum
  2. Gayan Kalhara
  3. Prabath Galagamage
  4. Bandula Pushpakumara
  5. Bandula Ranathunga
  6. Dasun Lokuhetti
  7. Gayan Tharaka
  8. Rajeen Pranna
  9. Chanaka Madushan
  10. Anushka Lakmal
  11. Prabash Rajarathne
  12. + /me

The team consisited of school students, university students, school teacher, government and private officials and software developers.

These people were selected based on the first come first serve basis. The first 12 people who replied to the mail I sent to the openoffice-lk mailing list were given the chance.

Wasantha Deshapriya (Director- Government Re-Engineering), Sujith Jayasooriya, Mahesh Kooragama and Sameera Shakunthala (Intern) who were from ICTA also joined to the team.

Booting up... Introduce yourself :) Prabash is introducing himself

Let's start...
I gave an introduction on Sinhala Native Language Project

and...progress of OO.org Sinhala l10n and the what we are going to do

We were working on pootle to minimize l10n issues. Specially we found few buttons with partial text, due to lengthy Sinhala strings. Before the 3.2.1 l10n freeze we had been translated 95% of the work load. Right now we are working towards 100% completion of the translation.

Many thanks to qa.openoffice.org team including MechtiIde and Sophie and the ICTA SystemAdmin team including Himira and Malaka,... opening required ports, wifi, etc....

I group them in to Six teams. Writer, Calc, Impress, Base, Draw and Math. Each team tested their application on both Windows and GNU/Linux and it was much effective and convenient to test in groups as it was easy to solve a common matter that arise in the relevant application. Further it was easier to manage 6 groups instead of 15 individuals.

using Kate & Pootle

Enjoying the QA

When they found typos: next step was to correct each typo in all files where it repeats. We used Kate (comes with kdesdk) to find required patterns and finally updated in pootle. Still we are updating pootle. We expect to finish this before l10n freeze for the upcoming 3.2.1 release.

end of productive workshop
I understood.. team photo should take in the begin of an event. ;-)

Wasantha was out for a meeting. Nevertheless he spent half the day with us.


  1. අම්මෝ ඇති යන්තං පිංතූර ටික දැම්ම.

  2. ඇත්තටම මෙවැනි වැඩසටහනක් පැවත්වීම ගැන සතුටු වන අතර, ඉදිරි කාලයේ දී මෙවැනි වැඩසටහන් වලට සහභාගි වීමටද කැමතිය.

  3. how are you?

    Just wanted to show my appreciation for your time and hard work