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Make their future with your PC!

While the initiative to provide computer labs for schools project is going forward as planned, a project to bring PCs in the classroom for primary schools was held as a pilot project was held at the Malalgoda Siriseewali Primary School. Invest a few moments of your precious time to see the feedback and opinions of the students, teaches and parents when Hanthana was provided for them for the very first time...
Proving the saying “Only the Best for the children”, Hanthana Linux was introduced to the school children of the Malalgoda Siriseewali Primary school which is located in the Habaraadoowa Educational zone of the Imadhoowa Provincial Council within the Galle District, on the 30th of January 2012.

This school had been closed down for around one year and was re opened on the 16th of January 2012 under the 1000 Schools initiative. The school comprises of 15 students, Grade 1 class teacher, an English teacher and the principal.

The opening was made possible entirely due to the work done by the locals and the parents, the majority of whom are estate workers and private sector employees. Another special point to highlight here is that a family, who’s father is a labourer and the mother employed as a house keeper abroad, donated the PC which was worth about 12000/- Rupees. Upon inquiring from the mother, she said that had her child had to go to another school (due to this school being closed down), they will have to spend 1200/- a month for three wheeler charges and it totals out to around 12000/- a year and rather than spending that amount just for travelling, she’s happy to spend it on a PC for her child as well as other children for the their education.

Far thinking parents of this schools, such as her, were instrumental in getting Hanthana Linux installed and help the primary education. Also need to highlight that other parents who labour during the day, spend sleepless nights dedicated on maintaining and repairing the school buildings and equipment. These villages personify “lead by example” from the sacrifices they make to educate their children.

On the first day Hanthana was used for the primary education several things of note took place. As there was only one PC, the multimedia projector of the Habaraaduwa Educational Zone Office was used in the class to illustrate the theories for the various subjects using the Educational Software Packages that comes with Hanthana Linux. Especially the “Identifying Colours” lesson. In contrast to other occasions, the children partook the lesson most enthusiastically and constantly requested their teacher to allow them to use these software by themselves. This bought many a happy tear to the eyes of the Director of Education for the Habaradoowa Educational Zone, who attended the occasion, as well to the principal and the parents who were present.

“I’m hungry.. I’m hungry...” the lunch time grumble that comes up everyday were not be heard on this day as the kids were so engrossed with computer aided lessons.

The teachers agreed that teaching subject concepts and theory using the educational software were extremely easy as opposed to other methods. Also even after the school time was over the children were still in class on this day.

As the students are the focal point in the educational system within the school, a single PC and multimedia projector is hardly sufficient. There should be at least a PC for every four students for this to properly work out. In areas such as these where the majority of the people are low income earners, the parents hardly has the capability to sponsor the required number of PCs and equipment. External sponsorship is highly important for cases like these.

A qualitative school education system helps the whole nation to grow. Therefore the Hanthana Community is committed to the task of building the school IT education using Hanthana Linux through the Hanthana School Labs Project.We hope that you’ll join us.

Come lets pave the way for these children to Sign in to the future...



  1. Glad to see the one child, one PC movement underway - where is Hanhalla? Northern India or Southern

  2. Danishka,

    Is there any need for micro-funding?




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