Wednesday, October 29, 2008 towards 40% market share recently released the new version 3.0 and it was downloaded 3 million times in its first week. Most surprising is the fact that over 80% of downloads were from Windows users.'s goal 40 percent of the market share for office software by 2010. Sinhala version will be release in near future.

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  1. It's so glad to hear that OOo is reaching a goal where we all are waiting to see...

    Hey Danishka, it doubles the hapiness to hear that a Sinhala interface for OOo is coming soon. I can remember how we started translating this under ur guidance, abt 1 and half year back. WOW!

  2. Why not, at that time we (u, me + harsha) were trying to get max within 5 days :D

    Btw, I am continuing the work, I can remember you all.

    Btw, what about your GIMP localization?

  3. Hey localizing gimp will be so cool! Do it, best of luck.

  4. > Sinhala version will be release in near future.

    හොඳම ආරංචිය අවසානයට...

  5. " Sinhala version will be release in near future."
    It will be a big step of office works in government office.

  6. wow, news was good, but Microsoft Office 2007 gives too many facilities to user. So that's why I cannot move to OOo. If I told Microsoft Office 2007 changed the Normal Office interfaces as well as the features, so also need to at least that kind of change to use us.

    These are my individual Views,

  7. The only reason I don't use Open Office is for reasons of conformity. I was forced to go back to Office.

  8. OOo 3.0 wow Wow
    BIG Thanks to SUN and the community

  9. @ Harshana,

    "Microsoft Office 2007 gives too many facilities to user. "

    but it is not a free product

    free ~ free of charge + freedom!

    if you need a extra language pack for the "Microsoft Office" you have to pay additional $$ ;-)


    ~ we are talking about FOSS stuff, as it is a economically feasible solution for this developing county

  10. මෑතක සිට UCSC පරිගණක විද්‍යාගාර වල පාවිච්චි කරන්නෙ
    Microsoft Office ඒවායින් අතුරුදන්!

    මේක හොඳ ආරම්භයක්