Monday, January 10, 2011

Birth Day @ Police Head Quarters

For the first time I spent the Bday at Sri Lanka Police Head Quarters. :D

No worries.. i wasn't a WANTED person. ;-)

I have conducted a FOSS workshop for Police Officers and the Civil Staff.
The workshop was based Hanthana Linux 14.5, a remix of Fedora 14.

After the some of them were installed the H14.5 in their systems.

Highly appreciated the kind help rendered by the Deputy Inspector of Police and the ASP attached to the Department of ICT, Sri Lanka Police. This was arranged within a day. :)

I did not sent single reply in the day time as the mobile was switched of due security reasons. But it was really productive. Otherwise I have to keep replying to wishes.. ;-)

Note: Hanthana Linux 14.5 yet to be upload..


  1. That's pretty interesting! I'm happy to hear the Police - being a part of the government, is interested in FOSS :) Way to go guys, keep up the good work!

  2. Your lecture and slides were interesting and informative, and the workshop was excellent. All together, it was a grand way to start our organization’s year. Thanks again for sharing your talents and knowledge with us.

  3. how feel the freedom when mobile is switched off for security reasons ? is there any freedom ? LOL

    anyway nice to hear about gov. sector ppl is interesting for FOSS. :)

  4. @har i was not talking about freedom of switching on the phone in high security area, but freedom of choosing software. :)