Friday, January 28, 2011

Mozilla fixed Firefox 4 rendering issue within few hours!

Last night I filed a bug against the Firefox 4 beta Sinhala rendering issue on Win, Linux and Mac.

Within a few minutes Mozilla market the bug as a blocker for 2.0 but the bug was fixed less than 24 hours.

It is obvious that Sinhala is a minor market for Mozilla interns of numbers. But they do care about all the communities and languages, unlike the proprietary companies who maintain Sinhala just for Marketing and pass their Tender bids.

This is what you can feel and experience within the Open Source community but not in commercial products.

As some of you can remember Fedora community also fixed a Wijesekara IM related issue and a ibus-Sayura 64bit issue within few days.

But can Microsoft Sri Lanka fix a Sinhala related Bug within a week? ;-)

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Latest NightlyBuild on 2011 Jan 28th
Download Nightly Builds for Linux 32bit
Download Nightly Builds for Windows 32bit

Firefox 4 beta 10 with broken rendering.

Highly appreciated the people who send Windows Screenshots  and commented on Google Buzz !

Firefox Rocks!

feel free to update us if you have any issue with Firefox4 beta