Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mobitel or Airtel ?


  1. දැං කියන්නෙ ඔයා ලග AirTel SIM එකක් තියෙනව කියලද ?

  2. මේකෙ පැකේජ විස්තර එහෙම කොහොමද? ඔය පොතේ නැද්ද?

  3. ඔව් ඉතින් තියෙන නිසානේ දැම්මේ :D

  4. එයාටෙල් වල ගණන් ටික ලීක් කරන්න ඇහැකි නම් ගොඩක් හොඳයි :D

  5. Airtel කවද්ද පටන් ගන්නෙ?

  6. Airtel SIM එක කන්න පුලුවන්ද? ඇයි මේ‍කේ ගහලා තියෙන්නේ "රසවත්, නැවුම්" කියලා :D

    මේක බලන්න

  8. Bharti Airtel will launch services in Sri Lanka on January 12, becoming the fifth cellular player in the island nation.

    Airtel, India's largest telecom player, will simultaneously roll out 2G and 3G (third generation) services in Sri Lanka.

    The company on Monday announced its Lanka launch with ads in local newspapers. Ahead of Airtel's entry, other operators have slashed tariff rates and are offering discounts with cellular connections.

    Airtel is investing $200 million in the Sri Lankan operations and is replicating the outsourcing model in the island country. "It is an extension of the same business model. The company is leveraging its Indian partnerships," said an analyst.

    Airtel has outsoured IT operations to IBM while Huawei is rolling out networks. Bharti Telesoft, a part of the Bharti group, will offer value added services.

    Airtel will compete wtih Telekom Malaysia's Dialog Telekom, Tigo, a part of Millicom International Cellular, Hutchison Telecom's Hutch and Mobitel of Sri Lanka Telecom.

    The company bagged license for Sri Lanka in early 2007 and hired Amali Nanayakkara as the CEO in October that year. She was earlier working with Unilever in Sri Lanka as Director Marketing in the Personal Care Division.

    Airtel has hired largely local people for operations in Sri Lanka. Around 20 people from Airtel India are currently working there, looking after the launch.

  9. Airtel saddayak wath naane

    nanda sim ekak ganna kandane hama thanama avidala - airtel kadawala no sim lu